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So we're having a party...

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Dh and I decided we're tired of passing our neighbors and waving, but not knowing some of their names or anything about them really.  So we invited a bunch of them (like 10 families/couples) to our house for a backyard "dessert and drinks" get together.  It is this Saturday night, 8 p.m. and onward.

The dessert and drinks part .... we're mainly doing this because I couldn't think of a way to host something that didn't involve me cooking or providing food for a bunch of people.  I wanted it to be more relaxing and casual.  Would you go to a "dessert and drinks" only party?

I'm planning on serving several different kinds of dessert, though at this point, I have no idea what.  I'm open to suggestions!

Dh and I have decided that we'll buy bottled beer (seems classier than cans :)) of various types, and we're also going to serve one, maybe two, cocktail type drinks.  We're definitely making pitchers of mai tai's, and I'm thinking of making Sangria too.  How does that sound?  Enough variety?  Beer, mai tai's, and sangria?  The standard non-alcoholic stuff will be available too, of course.  Pop, water, tea, coffee, juice...

This is being held in our backyard, which we've decked out with white Christmas lights for atmosphere, and many tiki torches.  We're also planning on having a fire in the fire pit and having ingredients for Smores available for whoever wants them (kids, probably).

Do you think this sounds like a pleasant kind of party?  Are we lacking anything?  Please tell me!!

Brownies, angelfood cake, ice cream, & fresh fruit sounds good (and easy).  Then they can mix and match as they please.

It sound slike fun, can I steal the idea?

I never thought about having fresh fruit, but that's a really good idea!



--- Quote from: Shoo on August 07, 2007, 03:56:20 PM ---I never thought about having fresh fruit, but that's a really good idea!


--- End quote ---

drizzled in chocolate...yum! (chocolate dipped - it doesnt take much effort, actually)

Actually, the best light thing for fruit I have tasted is a yogurt dip - get a package of cool whip free (trust me, you dont want the extra sugar!) and some strawberry or other flavored yogurt (strawberry works best, I think) and mix away.  Top with cut up strawberry (or blueberry or blackberry or...) Some like it with more cool whip, some with more yogurt.  It makes an excellent dip for the fruit any way you do it. 

Perhaps you could have some pudding or jello (kids and adult friendly!)

If i think of anything else, I'll post!

Maybe a mixed fruit drink that's non-alcoholic?  Not like a sickly-sweet punch, but something that kids and adults can enjoy.

I don't know how hot it is by you, but maybe a cheecake?  There's an *excellent* recipe for blueberry cheesecake on - easy-peasy to make, and it's so refreshing!

Maybe add some cheese to the fruit, too, and some crackers.  That might work.


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