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How much is petrol/gas where you are?

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oz diva:
We all complain about the price of filling up the car, but we sometimes forget that it's more expensive in some parts of the world.

How much do you pay? Currently petrol is about A$1.30 a litre. (the Aussie $ is practically at parity with the US $).

One gas station I drove by last night was $3.89 - I stopped at a place where it ws $3.63 if you paid in cash. The two stations were only 10 miles away so prices can really differ.

$1.23/L canadian - our dollar is very close to par right now....so with the correct conversions..... thats 4.65 CAD per Gallon. Appox

About 1.34 per litre, making it about $2.08 per litre or almost $10 per gallon.

In my town in New Hampshire, it's roughly between US$3.41 and $3.59 per gallon.

I tried to do the math to convert that to US dollars, and came up with $.90 to $.95 per liter. However, my math may be flawed.


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