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President of Ireland - Thank you for gift note

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So, I have had the very great pleasure of meeting two of our fair Islands presidents.

The latest president I have yet to meet. Yet today, while searching through some files at work I came across a Thank You card from our current president.

Ladies and Gents...

It was pre-printed!!!

I could not tell if the signature was pre-printed or original, but... the shock it.

Do you think Public Figures can get away with pre-printed generic sentiments? 

Yes. Given the amount of trinkets/cards/well wishes/baked goods/etc they receive, it would be a full-time job to personally respond to each and every single item with a handwritten note. You should be grateful if you receive a handwritten one, but to expect one is another thing entirely.

Absolutely.  They have massive numbers of people whith whom they correspond.  Preprinted are the only practical way to do it IMO.  If they weren't I'd wonder what other dutties they wre neglegting to write out their thank you cards.

This is true, it would be nice enough for it to be hand signed. Not sure if it was (it looked so).
It was more a case of I saw this beautiful pre-printed Thank You card and my first (evil) thought was "hmm, I should post to e-hell" LOL

my daughter class sent a letter to the queen for her jubilee.  They recieved a reply but it had no signiture on it at all no even an electronic one not even HRH at the bottom.  I thought it was awful. While I did not expect her to hand sign it obviously they could have taken a bit more time. These kids spent ages doing this for her and all they got was a preprinted thing that was done so it could have been sent to anyone for anything.

If it had of had HRH at the bottom it wouodnt have been so bad but the letter just kind of stopped.


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