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Celebrity Cheater Outed Via Twitter

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Link to article: Model Melissa Stetten Live-Tweets Married Actor Brian Presley’s Attempt To Hit On Her

During a plane ride, Melissa Stetten found herself seated next to a man that: (1) Identified himself as an actor; (2) Wore a wedding ring; and (3) Kept hitting her.

Annoyed by his advances, Melissa tweeted the conversation with this man. She provided his first name, Brian. Her tweets are public. Based on the information she tweeted, someone in her Twitter stream identified the actor in question. Brian is actor Brian Presley. He is married, with a five-year-old kid.

Brian Presley denies the encounter took place.

Melissa has gotten some backlash over the whole thing. The Daily Mail called her out as a liar based on a joke she tweeted about winning the lottery and the fact that she lies about her age (this is fairly common amongst models).

IIRC, etiquette does not permit one to out a cheating spouse. I would assume this extends to live tweeting a conversation with enough details for the public to identify the celebrity in question. I do not feel sorry for the actor. He is married and should not be hitting on other people. Melissa did not provide his last name, someone else did.

What say you eHellions?

First, I thought the tweets were hilarious and I find Stetten's blog pretty witty, too.

BUT from an etiquette standpoint, what she did was uncouth and inappropriate. That's probably why it's funny.  ???

I don't see anything wrong with what she did.
He had no expectation of privacy with a stranger on an airplane.  And it's a redeye, he was being rude to her and everyone else around them by trying to socialize so much.

As long she had been clear with him that she wasn't interested I actually don't see anything wrong with what she did.

What is she doing tweeting while on a plane ride?  I thought you're not supposed to use the wireless capabilities on your phone or computer while flying.

If it's true, I don't think she did anything wrong.  I would think differently if she encourages him to talk just for the purpose of tweeting about it and making fun of him. 


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