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Jennifer Aniston visiting Vatican / Rome churches

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I was reading on the Daily Mail that she and her current boyfriend were in Rome and also visiting some churches in the Vatican like many tourists do while in the area.  The Daily Mail showed her outfit which would be fine for any tourist in the summer but from what I've read about the Vatican & many older churches, dress codes are in effect where people must dress with some of decency and modesty.    Her outfit - a tank top style shirt and shorts seems to be out of place there unless they handed her something to cover up once inside a church.

I think she committed a faux pas by going to the churches dressed as she was.  If you do a search online for Vatican dress code, I think she either got away big time with her outfit of choice unless she was told she had to buy something inside the church to cover up & look decently modest.   Even when I tour any religious place, I do not wear a tank top and shorts above the knees to show respect for the building.

Well, she only got in if someone decided to allow her to break the dress code. They are pretty strict about having shoulders and knees covered.

I searched out some pictures and it appears she was wearing a short skirt, a tank top and at times a cardigan over the tank top. So maybe someone decided that even though the skirt was a little short, they could allow her in.

Now, if she had been denied entrance and kicked up a fuss, that would have been rude. But it appears that whoever decides on whether visitors are appropriately dressed did allow her in, so she didn't commit a faux pas.

I can't speak for the Vatican (never been) but having visited a very large number of important religious sites in Israel (from all three religions) it is entirely probable that they have something for tourists who've dressed for the weather and not the venue. Which, of course, is NOT to say that JA hasn't committed a faux pas - just that I would doubt Jennifer Aniston is the first tourist to be dressed inappropriately.

I don't see how she committed a faux pas. If she got in, they were obviously okay with what she was wearing and/or decided not to do anything about it if they weren't okay with it.

I remember a few years back going to some churches in Malta which had a large selection of sarongs and wraps at the entrance for women to use - I wouldn't be surprised if the Vatican had the same thing


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