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I have worn our my "SoOOOo kind of you to take an interest comment."  I need a friendly back up.

I work in an environment where we cannot take separate breaks nor can we leave the building. 

Typically staff bring in a bagged lunch and we just eat when everyone is having lunch. No big deal.  There are a few people who INSIST on commenting on my lunch. Every single time!

I am a plus size gal who likes to eat healthy. *insert look of horror and shock*  Apparently according to a few peeps at work, that's just not possible.   Sometimes when they comment about how healthy my lunch is, I reply with "I'm always trying to eat healthy...not easy sometimes."  If I add the "So kind of you to take an interest" they start laughing and sometimes mimic that phrase.  I usually try to steer the conversation away from my lunch and back onto whatever that person likes to talk about.

Yesterday I was happily getting my lunch out, when Lucy said "You ALWAYS eat healthy.  At first I thought you were trying to impress me or trick me."

My reply was light and upbeat "Trick you?  My lunch really has nothing to do with you or anyone else, it's just a lunch."

Then she went on to say "If you really did eat like that all the time, why are you so overweight?  You MUST have a medical problem. Maybe hormone problem?"

I just looked at her. Said nothing.

She mumbled something about how she has recently lost 10lbs in 1 week...and had some tips for me.

Lucy was drinking a coke, eating a sub and chips while she was saying that.

I smiled and said, as best as I could "Thanks for taking an interest, but I am not interested in your tips.  So? How's your son? Is he playing any sports this summer?  etc...."

It really does hurt when people make assumptions or comments about how "impossible" it is for me to like healthy food or how I could possibly be a bigger person etc.

How can I get people to NOT talk about my food or my weight / size?  I certainly don't talk about their physical appearance or grade their lunch out loud. 

As I was making my lunch this morning, I was actually thinking about who I would be eating lunch with and trying to guess what they would say about it.  (baby spinach salad with cukes, grape tomatoes and some strawberries that we picked on Sunday + water)

Perhaps something like:  "I eat good foods because I like to look after my health.  You may feel it's appropriate to comment on both my food and my weight, but I don't.  People come in all shapes and sizes - it would be nice if others simply accepted that."

Have you tried not mentioning the health aspects of it when they comment?  Just dodge it and go on about how delicious your salad is.  That doesn't really give them anything to argue back against, so they might drop it.

Option B is add something with tentacles to it.  They'll stop commenting about the health part at least. ;)

As this seems to be a continuing problem, I would get blunt and tell them "My health is not up for discussion. You are not my doctor and it is not your business. Please refrain from commenting on it in the future."

If it continues, I'd consider taking this to your HR department, or somewhere farther up the chain.

I hate, hate, hate this type of "helpful" person.  They think that every overweight person is automatically an unhealthy person.  OP, I think you're doing fine, but if they persist in the commenting I would say "My food choices are not up for discussion and I will not discuss them any further".  I can almost guarantee if the OP was eating a big, gooey cheeseburger, fries and a brownie they would be saying "Are you sure you should be eating that?" or "You know that's not a healthy lunch."


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