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Food work.

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--- Quote from: Darcy on June 27, 2012, 07:19:43 AM ---As this seems to be a continuing problem, I would get blunt and tell them "My health is not up for discussion. You are not my doctor and it is not your business. Please refrain from commenting on it in the future."

If it continues, I'd consider taking this to your HR department, or somewhere farther up the chain.

--- End quote ---

POD.  They're not trying to be helpful.  They are tearing you down to build themselves up.  Be direct and don't pussyfoot around the issue.

Honestly, I'd stop replying at all from now on. It's not any of their business, and it never will be. So, be sure you make it none of their business by not responding when they try to make it.


"Your lunch is so healthy looking. Who would've guessed right?"
You: Silence.
You: Silence.
Awkward silence for them.
You: "So nice outside. Kinda sucks to be stuck inside working. Least we're almost done with those TPS reports finally."

If I add the "So kind of you to take an interest" they start laughing and sometimes mimic that phrase.

I agree with Lorelei that they are tearing you down to build themselves up. The above quote indicates that their intentions are not at all nice.

 I'd go with silence next. If the comments don't taper off then the direct approach.

Honestly, having said that, what I'd actually do would be to say what you said in your post about trying to predict what would be said while you made your lunch.

<"snarky healthy food comment">
"How funny! This morning while I made my lunch I tried to predict who would comment. I would have put money on Lucy with strawberries in the breakroom , but it's Gerry with the spinach at our desks!" Rude or not I'm not above making fun of people's rude behavior.

Mental Magpie:
"You always eat so healthy!"
"Yes, and you don't, would you like to compare arteries?"


I agree that it is time to be blunt, or humorous if that is more your inclination, but the fact that she just kept going is enough for me to say that being nice or quiet isn't going to do the job.

"And why on earth is that any of your business?"
"What an astute observation," said dryly in reply to, "You always eat so healthy!"
If TheVapor's silence continues to not work and they ask you why you're being quiet, you could say, "Because this is absolutely none of your business," or, "Because I refuse to respond to rudeness."


--- Quote from: Amalthea on June 27, 2012, 06:09:24 AM ---
Option B is add something with tentacles to it.  They'll stop commenting about the health part at least. ;)

--- End quote ---

I love this.  Cook up some calamari and pass it around.


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