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Delia DeLyons:
BF will probably throw me under the bus anyways though, as his brain to mouth filter doesn't... Exist? So he'd think "everyone will get a kick out of it!" when he says 'Oh, you know she just wants to sleep in and cuddle me!'  I'm still working on a "signal" with him to change course in the middle of something I might deem, er, inappropriate to the situation.  Just mentioning for added texture to the story... I don't need ettiquette advice with him, as he does not speak that language ;-) (Example, he asked my Grandmother, and I quote: "I know your hair's white now, but what color did it used to be?")  But so help me, he is a wonderful man... Probably in part thanks to his failure to recognize some of these socially/traditionally/needlessly(?) imposed boundaries... He is just a great genuine guy ... Ok, very sorry... end gush!         ETA: My Grama loves him, too. :-)


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