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Using With Mother of Bride

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Delia DeLyons:
MOB will be @ Bride & Groom's house Friday night, where we'll all be hanging out and catching up.  FOB will be there too. They are staying with B&G Thurs night to Tuesday. 

Do not answer any calls or texts from her.  As you pointed out, you are not the hosts of this party.  You are a guest.  I'm sure you may want to lend a hand when you get there, assist the BTB with gift opening and games, but otherwise you don't need to be there.  Hold firm!

MOB may not have realized you had plans and thought offering for you to come by and help would give you something to do.  I don't see any malice in her saying we'll talk on Friday since she knew she'd see you on Friday. 

MOB:Well what are your plans, because you know this is way more important than anything you have planned because this is all about the bride. blahblahblah...

You:Well, actually I don't know, BF says it's a surprise, and to let you know he will make sure I am at the designated are at designated time.

Delia DeLyons:
There is certainly no malice in MOBs reply that we'll talk Friday - that can be taken @ face value as it is a fact, yes.  But due to the closeness of our (BF & I) relationship with this family (we've known them long before we met each other - they actually set us up) topics such as "What are your plans that will keep you from helping?" are sure to crop up.  I genuinely love MOB; however we do not share the same viewpoints on -well - *most* things. So, where she prides herself on getting involved in absolutely everything going on around her, I am more the type to anticipate quiet moments where I don't have any obligations.  Where she would see my viewpoint as negative, I see both sides as perfectly valid, but different. So I know I can't explain to her my reason for not wanting to be overly involved in Shower #2, which is why I instead will use the shutdown phrase and also, bean dip and often. :-)   


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