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I think there may be cases where "So kind..." is better, but for life in general I prefer "Thanks for letting me know / Thanks for your concern."

I'm certainly not actually thanking them, but that's the wonderful thing about those words. I don't have to mean them at all, as long as the tone comes out firmly without sounding snarky (Ya'll know the "now let's change the subject tone"). They're just a simple phrase to help change the subject or to spout off quickly if I'm about to say something super duper rude as a comeback.

That was my post I think...where my coworkers laughed and mocked the phrase.

I have a feeling that it depends on the tone.  I know that in my work environment, I need to keep a positive tone.  Probably because I didn't say it in a snarky or abrupt manner,  they joked about it.

I think if I said it in a different tone, it would certainly come across as a conversation stopped.  I have used it once before with a stern look and not a friendly tone, to a stranger, and it stopped the conversation immediately.


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