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Thank you US for Nyquil!!!!!

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We travel the states usually once a year. I have been sick with a bad cough for a few days now. I found in my cupboard a bottle of Nyquil!!!!

Oh yes how I love that stuff (well, to get rid of coughs anyway) I was able to get a great night sleep last night...

I so wish I could buy something like that over here in Australia.....

It has been my saviour!

I swear by NyQuil.  I get bad colds that last forever and NyQuil is the one thing that alleviates my symptoms and makes it possible for me to sleep.  I use it interchangeably with the store brand equivalent (works just as well but tastes worse).  There is also DayQuil which is supposed to fight symptoms but without the drowsiness. 

I hope you feel better.

You're welcome!

It's the only thing that helps me sleep when I have a cold. A few weeks ago I came down with a nasty summer cold. I lived on Nyquil and Dayquil for several days.  :P

I love Nyquil, especially the liquid capsules so I don't have to taste it. My motto is, "If I have to be sick, I don't want to be conscious."  :P

Nyquil is my favorite when I'm ill, too.  It really does get my symptoms under control and help me sleep in spite of feeling lousy.


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