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so um, I know she's relatively new to you all, but...

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Sandi Papaya:
...since Ehelldame is asking for suggestions for the Classics forum, would my cousin June and her various tacky exploits over the years qualify? Because I have a backlog of stories that I HAVEN'T posted on here.

I'm a little bit biased, but I'm sure "The Continuing Saga of Calamity June" could be entertaining. Plus I like the ring of that title. ;D

Sounds like fun. I would enjoy reading about Cousin Jane all in one spot. I like the title too

Me too. ;D

Oh please, moonbunny! I know I've missed some gems!

Hee! Calamity June. Heh heh.

You have a cousin "Calamity" June and have been able to refrain from posting about her here?? Why the hold up!?!?


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