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Canadian bird

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Barney girl:
can any of you help identify a bird I saw in Quebec City,so I can write up my album? I can't insert the photo here, but it was in a park, sitting on top of a lamppost. It was about the size of a blackbird, with a brown back and a rust red chest.
I've tried checking online, but the only helpful website, which allowed me to fill in those details I knew suggested it was a type of duck. I may be no good at birds, but I do know a duck when I see one!

Outdoor Girl:
Did you look up an American Robin, by any chance?  It seems a little too simplistic an answer, though.  And yes, there was no way it was a duck!

Barney girl:
That's it - thank you!  :)  I had no idea the American Robin was so much bigger than the European one. I knew they were different birds, but had assumed they looked similar

Outdoor Girl:
Woot!  Glad I nailed it.  My Dad is the one who is the bird expert so I've picked up a little by osmosis.  Plus, I've had robins nesting under my deck before.

We call them Robin Red Breasts. 


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