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Diagnosis in the US and the rest of the world


I have this question, but I was a bit afraid to post, as I don't want this topic to go against the rules of this forum. So if you could answer my question without going into medical detail  / advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

In the forum, but also in various blogs, mainly from the USA I see medical terms that I had never seen before... ADD, ADHD, SID and so many others I have to google to find out what they mean! Also, I see a lot of people mentioning that they suffer from intolerance (lactose, gluten and others)

My question is: is it a routine in the US to get diagnosis for this conditions? Are they big issues for the general population or is it just that people that suffer from those are really vocal? 

The reason I am asking is because in my country (and in parts of Europe I am familiar with) it is not common at all to be tested for things like that, and I have actually never heard of a child to suffer from ADD or ADHD (obviously some might, but they are not diagnosed I guess?). Also gluten intolerance was a completely strange topic to me before I started reading blogs / forums...

In and of itself the topic is benign but it won't stay that way. Google the terms and I'm sure the links will provide plenty of sources, both credible and not, as to stats, reasons, etc. Use your judgment. As for why these diagnoses are not prevalent in Europe I have no clue but perhaps internet search engines can help you with that, too.
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