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Weird things your pets do

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I have a ten month old Maine Coon named Rudi. He is the love of my life. But he just ain't right.  His biggest quirk is that throw rugs facinate him. He HAS TO CRAWL UNDER each and every one. Our kitchen has several and every morning his ritual is to pull up everyone and hide under it.  He also has a thing for plastic wrap and bags. We have to hide them or he will eat them.

Blossom is my 10 year old Siamese. Her thing is ribbon...like the type you wrap Christmas presents with. She has to lick them.  All our presents under the tree get a good licking. She also takes offence at garland...tinsil or imitation pine, doesn't matter. If you put it up she pulls it down. For years it wasn't Christmas until you heard me yelling 'D@mmit Blossom"...that was like Merry Christmas in our house.  I admit defeat...we no longer decorate with garland.

Vincenzo our 2 year old Maine Coon sees ghosts.

Outdoor Girl:
Peggy has a plastic fetish, too.  Although she just licks it; she doesn't eat it.

Sassy dips her paw in the water bowl then licks the water off.  I did catch her drinking normally today, though.

My previous cat, Misty, loved to play with the curlicue ribbon.  Which I let her do until the day it was coming out her butt!

And the one before that, Tuffy, liked to ride down the hill from the bush, sitting in front of my Dad on the ATC (All Terrain Cycle - 3 wheels instead of 4).

My very first cat, Blackie, was a real hunter.  He was a big black cat and hated any other animal coming on his property, especially if it was black.  And what colour are skunks?!?

Boris, aka his Lordship, had a thing about newspapers.  he'd get on top of a stack of them, and start shredding them.  NOt all the time, but every now and then, and if you tried to take them away from him, he'd give you the kitty death glare. 

he also loves the smell of eucalyptus.  my mom had a small Christmas tree made out of it, and he'd get up on the cabinet it was on, and just sniff it.  What was funny is he hated any other kind of scent, or flagrance, but loved that darn tree.

Our cat, Stuey, loves to play with packing paper. I bought something breakable which the shop wrapped with packing paper. I left it on the countertop and he went up there and drug it down. He keeps it on his blanket and lays under it, or runs from across the room and pounces onto it.

His current piece of paper has been living next to his blanket for almost two months. It used to be 2 square feet, and now it's down to three maybe 8 inch square scraps. I don't dare throw them out, he loves them so much.

My late cousin's kitty, Noel, LOVED tissue paper.  she always had a few sheets on the floor for her, and NOel would roll on it, shred it, and have a great time with it.


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