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I think you did fine.




Okay, I just had the same response to her actions that you did. 

There are so many responses.  Most of them not polite.  My first one was "...Whergle?" followed a couple seconds later by "buh...?"

No.  I cannot see how you are "unconsciously looking conceited". 

As for her "You know, just because you don't have as much weight to lose as some of us doesn't mean you should strut around here with your nose in the air.  Your body's not perfect either." - how does she know how much work you put in to be healthy?  She not only has issues...she's a subscriber that has collected the back issues.

You're fine. She's nuts. If she paid as much attention to her own workouts as she did to other people's, she'd be a lot closer to "perfect" herself.

Mental Magpie:
You did much better than I would have and I don't think you're overthinking this.  I don't think that a complaint to management would be out of order.

"One of your patrons made me feel very uncomfortable.  *explanation if asked*.  I don't want her to drive away other customers but she isn't very supportive and I'm afraid she'll bring down the atmosphere of the gym by being so negative."

Wowza!  I agree, speak to management about this.  Silence was the perfect response. 


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