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Ron Perlman visits six-year-old leukemia patient as Hellboy for Make-A-Wish

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Miss Misery:
Awesome-Guy-of-the-Week Award goes to Ron Perlman:

--- Quote ---Perlman underwent the four-hour transformation process to become the comicbook demon and meet Zachary.  Imagine Zachary's surprise when he not only met Hellboy in the flesh, but got to become a pint-sized version of his hero, courtesy of the make-up and effects team.
--- End quote ---

Read all about it here.

Ron Perlman is so cool.

I rarely use this word because I find it way overused, most of the time, but that is truly AWESOME!

Outdoor Girl:
I agree and I love that they made the boy up, too.

I just came across an original article about this and came to this board to see if it was posted.  Glad to see it was.  What a great guy!


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