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I don't know if I did the right thing here, but I couldn't think of anything that wasn't me defending myself to someone when I hadn't done anything wrong (at least to my thinking, please let me know if I am off on that) so I just kept quiet and then walked away for a while.

At a work event, we were taken on a tour of a famous building where a famous person and all his staff works.  It is a beautiful building and there are tours given to the public, however, as our organization's Head is one of the famous person's key advisors and has offices there, we got a little extra information and access.  Pretty much everyone on the tour had camera phones and multiple people were taking pictures, there was also a photographer there taking pictures of our Head. 

At one point, we were taken from the show areas to the offices where people actually work.  We were taken in multiple groups of 10 due to limited space and to avoid bothering people with the noise.  I was in the second to last group and noticed that people were also taking pictures in there and our Head was standing right there and even waited so that a girl could get a great shot.  So I go in, I didn't take pictures at first because my guy friend was and I knew I could get copies from him (he is taller and I couldn't get a clear shot).  Our Head pointed out the famous person's desk.  He was not there, but as we walked out, I took a zoomed in picture of the name plate (not the actual desk or anything) and there was a woman working in a desk closer to where I stood - she was not in the picture I took, and didn't even look up from her work (nor did anyone else while we were there for that matter). 

My female friend goes "You are such a creeper!) in a semi-loud voice that anyone standing near could hear and then walked out.  When I left the room, she was standing there and again repeated it, saying "You are such a creeper, taking random people's picture like that while they are working. Jeez!"  I inwardly shrugged and walked away to another area.  Later, I went to this awesome rice pudding shop.  They have really funny signs inside so I shot a quick pic of a couple that had particular meaning to me (other people were doing it too, the shop is known to have interesting and funny signage.)  The female friend asked me the other day how the rice pudding outing went and I said it was really good and the shop was so neat.  I took out the phone to show her the picture of a sign I thought she'd find amusing and she goes "God, you WOULD have taken a picture!"

Now let me just say, I don't constantly take pictures of things, in fact, when I am at home I almost never do.  This is a special experience for me this summer and I wanted some pictures to show my family and remember it by.  This person has been taking photos just as much if not more than I do.  We apparently just take photos of different things, for example, she'll spend time trying to get the perfect shot of the sunset while I like to watch it first hand, but I love taking pictures of things that I just find amusing or cool.  Like at the museum, there was a plaque about Baluchistan.  My mom & I love Georgette Heyer (reading is the only thing we really connect over) and in Frederica, there is a funny chapter about a Baluchistan hound so I snapped a picture and made sure to send it to her. I mean, the girl and I BOTH have a photo blog! 

I thought maybe she was making the comment because she thought it was unprofessional of me and didn't want to be associated with me?  What do you guys think?

I think that she was teasing you.  I wouldn't change my behavior but I would tell her to politely "knock it off" if it gets on your nerves.

That's the thing, if she said with even a hint of smile or in a friendly tone, I would have laughed.  But she said it as if she were irritated with me and I felt for a moment as if I had done something wrong.  I don't think she was teasing me.

Yeah, I think complete silence is the only way to deal with that, if only because I cannot find something appropriate to say back.

What an immature, stupid thing for her to say.  I mean, not only is it insulting, it doesn't even make sense!

I'd give her stony silence on this one too.  In fact, I doubt I'd go out of my way to talk to her much at all after this. 


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