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OP, I don't think you did anything wrong.  People might look at some pictures I took and wonder what I was thinking.

DH and I are polar opposites.  I tell people that I married a less extreme version of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.  He married an avid reader, particularly of British novels of the 1800s.  He can quote Tolkein.  I have T-shirts he says I "need to explain to people" (my most recent purchase says Anne of Cleves is My BFF).  Very often one of us will say something and the other will go "Oh, you WOULD know all about that!", but we tease each other that way.  If you don't think your friend was teasing I would ask her to explain the verbal eye roll.

I think her comments to you were abusive.

If this happened to me, I would not consider the person a friend anymore and would try to limit contact.

UPDATE -  Well, things went a little south in this situation so I waited a good bit before updating.  At first, things worked well - we were on a tour and she was going with another person to take pictures from a high vantage point and asked if I wanted to come as well.  I said no (it was really hot that day and I didn't feel like it).  When she came back, she said "I'm surprised YOU turned down the opportunity to take pictures."  I just looked at her and asked in as even a tone as I could manage (and I think I managed pretty well  :) ) "What do you mean by that?"  She had a few false starts in her reply and then finally said, "Well there were some really great pictures from there."  I just said "oh." 

Unfortunately, things got a bit tense between us when we worked on a project together which is not a usual occurrence for that sort of assignment.  Really, the attorney who gave it to us called it a group project and mentioned that we should work on it together, but it was not suited to that.  She came to my office to talk about how to go about the first stage of the project which was researching 2 topics - I had done both before, she had done one.  We were throwing out ideas, but she didn't really have much input.  I mentioned some cases that I remembered - not by name, as I didn't remember them, but by the fact pattern because I figured that if she came across it while researching it might click for her that it was a helpful case and give it a closer look.  As we were talking though, she started making negative faces and sounds.  Even though she wrote stuff down, she'd sigh every time I spoke, do a a half-grimace, or when I described a case, I'd barely get the sentence finished before she'd snapped back "I don't know what that case is called."  Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and when she all but rolled her eyes at me and snapped again, I replied, "I'm not asking you to throw out the case name, I'm just trying to throw some ideas out there."  I said that it didn't seem like this meeting was really helping and why don't we just get started and regroup later to see how we are both doing.  She then started protesting that she was writing it all down and what was I talking about.  I kept repeating that I didn't think this meeting was productive or helping either of us.  Finally she stormed out of my office saying, "Whatever, this is not productive.  I'm going to work on my own."

Half an hour later, she storms back into my office, shuts the door rather loudly without a word and goes off on a rant.  She said "I'm sorry if you THINK that I rolling my eyes at you or whatever, but I wasn't.  The only time I did was at the end because I thought you were being INCREDIBLY rude.  Now this is what I have done so far..." and just went on like nothing had happened.  I was irritated because it seemed like a complete non-apology to me, especially since she took the opportunity to say whatever she wanted and then changed the subject so that I could not respond.  In the interests of just getting things done, not making things worse, and figuring that the stress of the end of the summer was probably getting to us both, I just went with it and finished the assignment.  Unfortunately it wasn't the last run-in before the end of the summer, but on the whole, I think we parted on decent terms.

She sounds horribly immature.  I am glad that you have parted ways.

So, she knows ahe has an eye rolling problem (she mentions it without you calling her out on it), but it isn't her fault?   ::)


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