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Is anyone in Thailand?

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Hey all,

/bg/ My foster daughter is a wonderful slightly delayed young woman from Thailand. She came over here at 2 to be adopted and the adoption didn't do so well. I met her when she was a struggling teen, and after Mister Deathe and I got married she came to live with us. With us she has learned to respect herself, and have others respect her, and right now she is excited by things that show respect for women. /end bg/

Thailand has just come out with an 80 Baht note (about $2.50 USD) which features the Queen for the first time. My FD desperately wants one- all the bills she has from Thailand have men on them. If anyone has one of the new 80 Baht notes or can get one for me and send it to me I will happily pay for the bill itself, postage, and whatever extra you would like to get for helping- check or Paypal.

I'm not holding my breath on this, but ehellions seem to get everywhere so I figured I might as well try for her.

Many banks will exchange US currency for foreighn currency for a small fee. Could you maybe try that?

Banks usually bite you pretty hard on an exchange. 

My next door neighbors travel to Thailand quite a bit.  I'll ask them if they happen to have any of the appropriate bills left over.

Awestruck Shmuck:
I have a few friends holidaying in Thailand at the moment, due back next week. I will FB them now to see if i can get someone to bring one back with them and let you know!! I think it's a great idea what you're doing, by the way!!

Sorry, ladiedeathe.  I asked my neighbors and no luck.  They gave their leftover money to a friend who was staying longer.


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