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So... food pictures on Facebook are rude now?

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Lately, I have a lot more time for experimenting in the kitchen.  My efforts are turning out pretty darn nicely, if I do say so myself.  I'm proud of them, so I post the pictures of my efforts on Facebook.  A pie, roast chicken, homemade candy, that sort of thing.  Most of the time, people just respond with, "Oh, yummy!"  or "Share the recipe?" or similar.  But an acquaintance of DH's, Janice, whom I know casually through a volunteer group he participates in, "Save some for me!" or "Send my share to Friday's board meeting with DH!"

So last week, Janice sees DH at the volunteer group's office and goes off about how rude I am to post pictures of the food I'm making on Facebook and then not sending a portion to Janice when she asks for some.   "If she's not going to share with the people she knows, she shouldn't post it in a public forum!" Janice groused.  "Didn't she learn that lesson in elementary school?" 

DH couldn't get out a response besides, "What?!"  before she flounced out of the room.
Honestly, I didn't respond to her Facebook comments because thought she was kidding.  It seemed awfully nerve-y to assume you get a portion of something just because you see it.  It would be like walking into a restaurant and demanding a bite from other diners because you happened to see their plates. 

DH went to the volunteer office to drop something off and the secretary says, "Oh, wait, Janice left this recipe for you."  Janice had left a recipe for a variation of a dish I'd posted on Facebook with a note implying that I should make up a batch and send it with DH to next Friday's group meeting. 

I de-friended and blocked her as soon as I heard about the first "lashing" DH received.  Frankly, after the recipe thing, I think I need to avoid Janice all together because she's coming across as plain old nutty.  I have no intention of making that recipe for her after the way she spoke to DH. She doesn't have any authority over DH.  She's another volunteer, so at least we don't have to worry about that.  But my question concerns Janice's original, although badly expressed, point.   

Is it rude to post food pictures on Facebook?  I know it's rude to discuss a social event in a public forum if you don't plan on inviting everybody who sees it.  But does food that you aren't planning to share count as rude?

I am very offended that you would mention all this wonderful food and not give any to me *flounces in a huff*

Seriously, though? No. Not even close to rude. Janice is being nutty, just like you said, and her complaint only reflects badly on herself.

Wow, that's a new one to me. Friends of mine and I tend to post pictures of stuff we're making, or did make that came out fantastic. Like your experience, we'll post comments of "Oh, yum, share the recipe?" and such.

I think Janice is just out there.

A normal person wouldn't have responded that way.  It is done frequently, and I've never seen a negative response. 

Harriet Jones:
You're not being rude.  I would have assumed that Janice was joking.  Does she get mad when food bloggers post their recipes or people on pinterest repin something?


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