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So... food pictures on Facebook are rude now?

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It's not rude to post pictures of food on facebook.  However it is rude to assume that you can place a take out order on someone elses facebook page, and then get hissy when they decline to fill your order.

Janice sounds like a nut and you are smart to have gotten rid of her.  Too bad DH has to still deal with her

Now I'm hungry (sigh).   

Janice is a nutter and defriending her was the right thing. 

That is bizarre.
If you were in the habit of sending food with your husband to meetings, I could see her saying, "Next time, we'd love to try those brownies weeblewobble posted on Facebook this week!" and not actually expecting to get them, but being pleased if they arrive. Requesting, and then DEMANDING, specific food when you don't even typically send anything is just inappropriate. Sending a recipe along is just too much.

If you encounter Janice, perhaps, "I'm glad you enjoy my food pictures, but I'm not a caterer" would be appropriate.

To answer the basic question: No, it's not rude to post such pictures. Not at all. I don't do it much anymore (I used to when I had a food blog), nor do I really care about others' photos of their food, but it's easy enough to block or ignore!

her first remarks ("save some for me") i didnt' find rude - on their own. I also post food pictures and so do many of my friends, and we will often comment things like "i'm on my way over", "please mail some to me" "I'm bringing the coffee" etc.

but the rest - very bizarre.

and no, it's not rude to post food pictures on FB. what next - it's rude to post vacation pictures unless you take her along?

Is it remotely possible that Janice was kidding?????  I mean REALLY??????

And I have no idea how old any of you are but forgive me = public forums (not to mention Mark Zuckerberg) were not even a glimmer in anyone's when I was in elementary school.  We learned if you BRING FOOD bring enough to share but we also learned not to bug people for things that were not offered to us.


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