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So... food pictures on Facebook are rude now?

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--- Quote from: Acadianna on July 26, 2012, 11:49:17 AM ---Based on Janice's new rule, I've decided to go to the Martha Stewart website and demand one of each.

Anyone else want dibs on Rachel Ray or Paula Dean?

--- End quote ---

I got dibs on Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain.

Softly Spoken:
I had to post because I just got back from the store - where I bought ingredients to try a recipe I Googled after being intrigued by the photo a friend posted on FB ('haystack' cookies if you're curious). ;D

Maybe Janice was confused because FB/FB users (and the rest of the internet) employ the word "share" - she took it too literally? Obviously proximity (to you/DH) is also a factor - she assumes more access than your FB friends who live farther away...hmmmmmm...
Nope I'm still going to cast my vote for "nutty". ;)

I thought it was fairly obvious that FB posts, esp. photos, are more personal updates (i.e. "Look at what's happening in my life / how I'm thinking/feeling"), and not personal invitations unless specifically stated (i.e. "I'm at a bar downtown - who's coming to party with me?" - and even that might be a joke).

I think the only thing about posting food pics that can be disappointing (not expressly rude) is when there is no recipe or other source - seeing something yummy and expecting someone to make it for/give it to you is unrealistic, but seeing something yummy and not being able to find a way to make/get it for yourself is a real bummer. :'( Point of Interest: I was on a thread here last night that was talking about recipes and I noticed that any time someone mentioned a recipe they were, uh, "encouraged" to post said recipe. Because, really, bragging about heavenly brownies without telling us how to make them is just sadistic. :P

I get that.  No recipe for this one, but I think we can figure it out:


--- Quote from: Venus193 on November 23, 2012, 10:00:57 AM ---I get that.  No recipe for this one, but I think we can figure it out:

--- End quote ---

Awe.  Those are so cute! Mini chocolate cupcakes (paperless), upside-down strawberries and lots of piped (star point?) green icing.  Decorate with extras doodads.

Icing looks like a buttercream.

But yeah, Janice is strange.


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