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Likewise, I don't bite my nails, though I'll sometimes bite off the little bits of hard cuticle that form on the side if I don't have nail clippers handy - I can only deal with those things snagging on everything for just so long!

I have never had my hair permed.  My mom would never allow it as a kid and as an adult, I've always tried to get my hair to straighten out.

False.  When I was a kid the quarterly Toni was a family ritual. 

I have never been on a sports team. 

False- for years I was on a ladies netball team, a mixed netball team and a mixed indoor soccer team. Sadly, I'm no longer on any teams because they're all in the evenings and I have tiny children.

I have never been at healthy weight in my life and am beginning to despair of ever being so. :(


I have never liked Milky Way candy bars.

I will eat just about any candy that doesn't have peanut butter or licorice or really artificial chocolate flavoring (looking at you, chocolate Laffy Taffy) and so I enjoy me some Milky Way.

I have never gone longer than six months without having a pet.


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