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false, even if i was 14 at the time and not been since then

(thank you readingchick :) )

i have never been surfing

False.. just haven't been recently.

I've never been south of the Equator.

False... both Australia and South America

I have never liked licorice.


I have never been sledding...


Sledding was the major winter sport when I was a child.  When there was snow, several local hills were always crowded.  The one in the cemetery was considered the best because it was steep, offered an obstacle course and went nowhere near traffic. 

I had a Flexible Flier that was steered with a rope connected to the front.   My father had a sled that scared the beejezus out of all us kids. It was a home-made thing from the 1920s.  It had a short ski, a rather high post and a bicycle seat on top.  The rider was sitting as high as he would on a bicycle but the thing could be steered only by the rider shifting his weight. 

It was a recipe for disaster but all the boys had to have a go at it. 

I have NEVER wanted anything made by Prada. 


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