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False. I don't know what all the fuss is about. It's pretty much just a big sausage. (Happy St. Andrew's Day! ;D)

I have never eaten fruitcake.

I won't eat commercial fruitcake, because I'm pretty sure that stuff is only meant for industrial applications, but my mom managed to get my paternal Great-Grandmother's recipe and it's actually amazingly good.

I've never gone on a casino cruise.

True. Actually I have never even been to a casino :)

I have never managed to make the perfect sugar cookie. (They usually get really brown on the bottom)

Nikko, to make cookies not get brown on the bottom, switch to a lighter colored pan and use a fat with a higher smoke point (say, vegetable oil instead of butter) to grease it. 

I have made perfect cookies :)

I have never been white-water rafting...I want to go but I'd have to fly or drive far enough to warrant an overnight stay.

False. We've picked vacation spots for it.

I have never attended a wedding with a full Mass.


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