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Oooh false (is a proud Whovian)

I have never... watched an episode of Necessary Roughness



I have never understood the Angry Birds, my son plays it and I just don't get it.


I have a phone that just (gasp!!) calls people.  I don't text, sext, or send pictures!

It might be haunted.  ;D

I have never participated in a snowball fight. 

False.  Energetic snowball fights were a staple of my youth.  They were especially great when your team had a snow fort on one side of the street and your 'enemies' had a snow fort on the other side. Of course,, everyone would get together over hot chocolate at the diner and plan the strategy for the next day. 

There was only one rule.  Nothing but snow was to be used.  Adding rocks or ice to the snowballs was strictly verboten. 

I have NEVER had the urge to watch 'Downton Abbey'.


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