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True, though a friend did have a felony hot pursuit of a live squirrel pursued by her Sharpei dog, on the day they were moving in to a house, so there were lots of guys carrying heavy and awkward stuff thrown into the party.  :o

I've never eaten calamari.

I order calamari the first time I'm at a new restaurant, if it's present on the menu. I find it's a good single-dish way to judge how good the food is at the establishment by it - because it requires a bit of skill to do right, meaning the chefs/cooks are good, and if it's obviously shaken out of a freezer bag, that probably means that the cooks and chefs are really more glorified fast food workers than anything else.

I have never been to Las Vegas.



I have never enjoyed playing cricket (but love watching it)

True about the "never" part, false about the watching.

I have never bought a new car (always second-hand).

False, though only 4 out of the 9 we've bought.

I have never been able to do more than 2 pull ups.


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