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When "NO" is not enough

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Thanks for updating. I'm sorry your sister is not what you need right now. She needs to respect some of your basic requirements as a human being in order to have a relationship with you. It is funny because most people will put up with a LOAD of personal garbage and only see harm in discussion with loved ones until it comes to the point of politics ... or in you case ... sales and politics! (ugh)

I'd encourage you to rethink some of the other more mundane conversations you've had with your sister. She seems very unhappy and judgmental.  I'd hate for some of her other boundary violations to interfere with your self-esteem.



--- Quote from: rain on December 14, 2012, 08:49:41 PM ---... my first thought was that it was the right time for the X-mas version of a "bunny foo foo" (hollow chocolate Santa filled with Kahlua & milk/cream)

(((hugs)))  to you & tis the season for spines of steel - what a gift to give yourself

--- End quote ---

If you have a chocolate or white chocolate snowperson - it's a "Cavorting Snowwoman" - drink two and you'll know why!!!


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