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A Bottle of Water on a HOT Day


I'm currently training for an upcoming half marathon (WHY did I think training in the summer would be a good thing?), and headed out this morning for a 10 mile run. About halfway through, the water levels in my bottles were already dangerously low... it was incredibly humid. I started scouting for a person watering their lawn, so I could beg a refill.

I saw a nice-looking older lady watering her flowers, and asked if I could please top off my water bottles with her hose. She laughed and said "I can do better than that! Let me get a bottle for you!" and ran inside (to my protests, I swear that hose water was more than fine  with me!). She gave me a chilled bottle of water and we chatted for a few minutes. It turns out that she keeps bottles specifically for exhausted-looking walkers, joggers, and service people.

What a lovely lady!!! She saved my run (I didn't see anyone else outside with a hose in the remaining 5 miles) and kept me from getting into trouble miles from home.

I'm considering sending a nice plant... would that be weird?

Outdoor Girl:
What a lovely lady!  I wouldn't send a plant, though.  She was happy to help, got an unexpected visit and chat as reward.

PSA:  Don't drink water out of the hose, if you have a choice.  There are a lot of plasticizers used in the manufacture and you don't really want to drink those.  But if you are desperate, a hose that has been running like hers was will have minimal levels.

what a sweetie!

Rather than a plant, how about a flat of water with a note?

What a sweetheart.


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