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Clothes lines

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Last night I was watching an American TV show and they were talking about needing a clothes dryer.  As this isn't the first time I've seen this sort of thing it got me wondering because everyone I know has a line (some also have dryers) that they almost always use.  Is this an Aussie thing or do most people have clothes lines?

American here. Nobody I know has a clothes line. Not sure why, really. I live in a dry enough climate that clothes would dry very quickly. I would worry about the powerful desert sun bleaching the colors out of my clothes, though.

Does it have to do with higher energy costs in other countries, maybe? When I visited Ireland, nobody had (or used) a clothes dryer because it was just too expensive to run.

I am from Chicago originally. My mom always had a clothes line. An outdoor one for the summer and an indoor hanging rack in the winter.

I live in CA now and I use a clothes rack and line to dry my clothes.

I have experience with Denmark and New Zealand. In both countries many people tend to have both clothes lines and a dryer and use clothes lines as much as possible as it's better for the environment and the wallet both ;)

Dryers tend to be used in bad weather or when there's a deadline for when the clothes have to be dry.

I haven't used our dryer in years.

I wonder if it has to do with the climate. I know not all of the USA has snow in winter, but its winter here in Sydney and last night was our coldest night for ages. I had washing I left on the line all night and it was fine this morning (just needed a quick spin in the dryer cause of the dew). I imagine in most of the more northern parts of the world you'd wake up to clothes that were frozen solid.


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