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Author Topic: saving chairs at a water park  (Read 27469 times)

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Re: saving chairs at a water park
« Reply #60 on: October 15, 2012, 03:54:53 PM »
When we go to the water parks at Disney, there's a group of 6-7 of us.  We'll take 2-3 of the small chairs and use them for our stuff while we run around the parks.  We're usually only at the chairs to regroup and meetup or reapply sunscreen, so we pick the ones that will be in full sun all day that no one else wants anyway.  We also rent lockers, but realistically, you want your towels and shoes and sunscreen somewhere closer - the lockers at Disney are right by the entrances, which can be a good 10 minute walk from the slides.  I'd like to think that we aren't being rude, since shade is at a premium and we aren't trying to take it.

My opinion is that this is the polite way to save chairs.  You found a non-prime location, and the number of chairs was <= 50% of the group size.  You had a home base without being a space hog.

I agree.
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