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Voting Languages

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I know that, in Canada, election materials are printed in English and French because both are official languages.

Here, in NYC, although Spanish is not an official language, Spanish and English are used because Puerto Ricans are native-born American citizens.  However, lately we've noticed that election materials are also printed in Chinese, Korean and Hindi. 

I'm curious. What languages appear on ballots and voter information mailings where you live? 

Just English here, but I assume that in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland they will be printed in other languages.

Yep English and Irish here but then even our road signs have both.  :o

In Finland it's Finnish and Swedish, as they're the official languages. I'm not sure if it's done in Sami in the areas where it's spoken, it's an officially recognised language but not as official as the other two. I assume that everyone gets the same materials, every citizen of voting age gets mailed a letter that contains all the information needed, like where your voting station is and so on. There's also a website that appears to be in English too so maybe there are some brochures too.

English only, but there is usually a page in about the 6 most common migrant languages (which I suspect include Chinese and Korean, one also appears to be Arabic) which tell people where they can get the forms in their language online.


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