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Cupcake Fiend:
We don't have guests overnight often enough to have a dedicated "guest room".  We have one extra bedroom in our house that we use as a library/computer/craft room.  When we have overnight company, we pull out the air mattress and put it in that room.  Child guests usually bunk down in the boys' room.

My question -- when someone is staying with us for a few days, and we need to do something in the "guest room" (get/replace a book, use the computer, work on a project) is that okay?  Or is it rude because it's technically someone's room while they are staying with us?

I don't know, but I have the same problem!  It is very awkward, isn't it?

While it is your house, for the duration of the guests stay it is their room.  I would ask them if they minded if I worked on a project/need to use the computer/etc before I just "barged" into "their room"

Of course you can always say that you need to work on (thing) and would they like to keep you company while you are doing (thing)

In and out to get/replace book would be ok IMO

Most people don't have a dedecated guest room.  So I would expect a little less privacy if I went to someones house - Stay out while I am in there - ask if it is going to be a long time (I might want a nap)

We have a similar room. I take out of the room whatever I might need for the duration of the stay of a guest. It's his room then. I would feel awkward if I stayed somewhere and people would continuously walk in and out getting stuff or working there, because there might be a bra of mine hanging over a chair or something.

We, too, have a similar room, where the computer is.  As anyone can tell, I am on eHell a lot so this presents a problem.  We rarely have company, though, and when we do, I am very upfront with them.

I tell them we have very limited space and they will be staying in the room that I use for work, which I do. I let them know that I will be needing the computer at times, especially during the day. I let them make the choice if they want to stay with us or somewhere else. 


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