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Author Topic: The Great Bag Debate....(no I do not want to debate it.....)  (Read 11766 times)

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Re: The Great Bag Debate....(no I do not want to debate it.....)
« Reply #30 on: August 19, 2012, 02:43:50 PM »
Most people much prefer paying an extra $0.10 in inflated prices and then getting $0.10 off for bringing their bags rather than having to buy the bags at the checkout . . . it comes out the same way, but in one instance you feel clever for saving money and in the other you feel ripped off for having to pay extra  :P
Unfortunately, once legislation is involved, the dynamics sometimes change. Nor can the store inflate prices - some customers will bring their own bags; some customers will opt for no bag, and some customers will purchase a bag. There is no way to treat all three groups equitably by inflating prices. And while the pay per bag policy was enacted in a nearby city, not my home city, and the legislation has had interesting effects in a shopping center which crosses the city boundary, the policy had been discussed enough (and I believe there was an introductory period before the policy took place), so the policy was not a surprise to me, even as a non-resident of implementing City who read City's news only sporadically. At some point, the general public has to be squarely faced with a situation to act upon it.