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Flora Louise:
I'm getting a pop up on the index page that may be problematic. Four photos of women suggestively dressed and a head that says "We Don't Like Young Men, We Want You."

Oh, FUN!

If I may, I submit my standard advice for internet issues, including (but not limited to) sudden onset porn ads: Clear your cache, run anti-virus (and any other anti-malware) scans you may have at your disposal, and reboot your computer.

Here's a post that the Admin made on Hell's Bells in references to the website advertising, hope it can help.

--- Quote --- If I know of a specific URL, I can block specific ads from appearing as well.    Iíve blocked wedding web sites whose business model is a complete contradiction to Ehell values but the key point is that I need to know the URL before I can do that.
--- End quote ---

Flora Louise:
I don't see the url when I move my mouse over the ad and I don't want to click on for fear of getting a virus so I can't post that. But, it is visible when I do into the dating sub thread. Does that help?

relationship and political ads are blocked on the entire site via Google Adsense so if you seeing one, I'd really like to know about it.  I can't do a thing unless I have a URL for the


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