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Kind employee at amusement park


Saw this post a friend shared on FB: A woman posted on the page of an amusement park, and said her kids were waiting in line for the bumper boats.  She said an employee noticed her youngest nephew crying and asked him what was wrong.  Her nephew said that he wanted to get on the boats, and she told the employee while he was tall enough, he has special needs, and wouldn’t be able to control the boat.  The employee then took his hand, and said “I’ll take you”, put him on, and rode on the back to help him steer.  She said she just wanted them to know how much she appreciated what the employee did, although she couldn’t see his name tag to get his name. 

What a nice thing to do! 

That is a wonderful story!  What a nice person :)


Awwww, that is so nice!


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