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Author Topic: Traveling on the Turnpike  (Read 1703 times)

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Traveling on the Turnpike
« on: August 11, 2007, 11:07:10 PM »
Today I went with my best friend to Toledo, OH to pick up her kids (her soon-to-be-ex had them for a few days, and was visiting his family there). The drive there had no problems whatsoever, but the drive back... Oooh boy.

We come to a halt on the Ohio Turnpike at around 4:50 this afternoon. There was an accident ahead, and traffic was NOT moving. People were turning off their cars, and getting out to go talk to other people and ask the truck driver's if they had any info on what was going on.

My friend and I had got the kids out of the car to walk around a bit, as the a/c in her car wasn't working and it was hot. While she was walking around the car with the girls, I was talking to a truck driver that was behind us, but in the next lane, to find out what was going on. While I was doing that, the older couple that was in the vehicle right next to us started talking to my friend. When I went back over to fill everyone in on what had happened up ahead, the husband went back to the vehicle. He came back over a moment later with ICE COLD water bottles for us. We started to refuse, but he told us that they had a full case in the cooler, and that we were more than welcome to the water, as they knew we needed it. People were starting to get back in their vehicles then as we were moving forward, so we thanked them again (and so did the girls) before getting back in the car.

A little bit later, we were again sitting in traffic. A different vehicle was next to us, again with an older couple. The girls were playing the backseat, one with her bear the other with the gameboy. The woman got out of the drivers seat, dug around in her trunk for a moment, and then came over to give us a coloring book and crayons for the girls. She said that it had been given to them, and that they had no use for it and thought we could use it to keep the kids entertained. They were thrilled at having something new to do. :)

We eventually got through the accident area... It took us more than 2.5 hours to go around 5 miles. The accident was a horrible one, but from what I have been able to find so far, no fatalities, just very serious injuries.

But to those two couples that were in the lane next to us... I want to say a HUGE thank you. They made what could have been a very painful wait much easier to endure. I hope that the rest of their travels remain safe.

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