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Regional sayings

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--- Quote from: ChinaShepherdess on July 02, 2014, 07:51:11 AM ---
--- Quote from: Elfmama on July 01, 2014, 11:01:28 PM ---Now I would call that a taco salad. 

And just to confuse the issue, there are corn chips that are not tortilla chips.   

Much smaller, thicker, saltier, and greasier than tortilla chips.

--- End quote ---

In my neck of the woods (SoCal) , everyone I know consistently calls tortilla chips tortilla chips, in part, I think, to mitigate precisely this confusion.

--- End quote ---

I call those pictured above, Fritos. Yes, I realize that's a brand name, but pretty much those are either Fritos brand Fritos or a generic brand, probably made by FritoLay anyway.

I mean, there are tons of brands of tortilla chips and potato chips but other than generics, I've never seen anyone else make Fritos.

The latest image is what I call Fritos (as a generic term) or "corn chips" (suitable for Frito pie, which is not a pie at all) but never "tortilla chips." I've seen people call the flatter, thinner ordinary tortilla chips "corn chips," too, but it's not common.

Frito pie (served in a boat, rather than in the chip bag, which is just asking to get burned, if you're a slob like me), generally chili over Fritos, topped with onions/peppers/cheese/sour cream as regional variations go:

Man, I love me some Frito Pie!


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