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Taylor and Conor - wedding crashers?

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According to an article in today's Mail, Taylor Swift and her current squeeze, Conor Kennedy, crashed the wedding of Conor's cousin Kyle Kennedy.

Conor, who was invited, did not RSVP beforehand. 

This is a bit of a "she said, she said" situation.  The bride's mother says that Taylor was asked to leave - *twice.*  Taylor's publicist says that Taylor was invited, and welcomed by the bride.

So, ehellions, who do you believe on this issue?

I can't think of a reason why the bride's mom would lie, but there is a definite reason why Swift would so...I think it is likely that she was not expected to be there and was asked to leave.

I don't know what Swift would be lying about.  Her publicist has said the bride welcomed her.  That does not contradict what the bride's mother has said.  They both could be telling the truth.

Assuming any of this is true (as I understand it, The Daily Mail is a tabloid), I'd say Taylor and Conor blew it. Not RSVPing one way or the other is rude. Asking if you can come at the last minute is really rude. Showing up after being refused is holy-carp-I-cannot-believe-they-actually-did-that rude. Staying at - and returning to! - an event you've crashed and been asked to leave is a whole new level of bad manners that needs its own word to describe.

That being said, Victoria Gifford Kennedy's reasons for not wanting them there are pretty shallow and it was tacky of her to talk about it to the press. Deliberately airing the family's dirty laundry in the media - that whirring sound you hear is Rose Kennedy spinning in her grave.

It sounds to me (having read the link, and its link to the Boston herald) that they did crash.  The big clue is they left during dinner and came back - I'm betting because they had no seats!  A big hint they weren't supposed to be there.

I do think it was rude though for Taylor Swift to be the one approached and singled out - she was invited, by her boyfriend.  It was her boyfriend who was the truly rude one who didn't RSVP and then just showed up.  I have been a date of an invited guest to weddings, I never questioned that my date was actually legitimately invited and that he was allowed/offered to bring a date.

I do wonder though if Conor didn't RSVP due to his mother's recent suicide - it was only a couple of months ago and he's only 18, I could see RSVP'ing slipping through the cracks.


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