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Taylor and Conor - wedding crashers?

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I found it interesting that the couple supposedly showed up, said hello, left during dinner (the expensive part of the event) and came back for the dancing (according to the Boston Herald).

Then I looked up the story on E!--yet another gossip rag--and it says the couple attended the ceremony, and there are pictures of them with the cousin's family throughout the whole weekend. If she wasn't welcome at the reception, why was she at the ceremony and all the family-focused weekend events?

as I understand it, The Daily Mail is a tabloid

You're absolutely right about this, FoxPaws.  Articles seems to be written in the most inflammatory way possible.

That being said, I'm really burned out with US politics and the media coverage right now.  There is so much nasty contention, and the election is still 9 - 10 weeks away.

I skip the crime articles in the Mail, and enjoy the stories about Jennifer Anniston's bra, or Prince Harry playing strip billiards. [He lost, apparently.]

I wouldn't believe the Daily Mail if they said the sky was blue.

The article makes it sound like it was the Bride's mother who contacted the tabloid(s) and made this a gossip issue. She states that her reason for having them leave is that she didn't want Taylor's presence distracting peoples' attention away from the Bride... which completely contradicts her behavior now. Sounds like rudeness all around to me. The gracious thing would have been to either have security quietly escort Taylor out or drop it and give no comment if contacted by a reporter.

rose red:
I don't believe it until I see camera footage of words coming out of the bride's mother.  I don't know much about the Kennedys, but I find it hard to believe they would talk to the papers about stuff like that even if it's true.

eta: If it's true, I find airing dirty laundry tackier than crashing your cousin's wedding. 


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