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Thank You E-Hell.

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My great-nephew is named Damian, and it's after Father Damian thank you very much!  ;D


--- Quote from: Asharah on August 23, 2012, 09:06:54 PM ---My great-nephew is named Damian, and it's after Father Damian thank you very much!  ;D

--- End quote ---

Sorry, should have said "Damien Thorn".  (Appropriate, 'cause that kid's a thorn in my side every time I have to interact with him!)

Thank you all.

The beauty of E-Hell is that I have learned that an explanation for a polite refusal is not necessary. 

Before, the conversation would have gone something like this.

ME:  The bus will cost us $300 dollars.
MIL:  I will pay for it.

ME:  The trip will take a minimum of 5 hours each way.
MIL: You're both retired.  You have all the time in the world.

MIL:  Don't you want to see SIL?
ME:  She'll be visiting us next month.

Please note, nothing would have been said about the children in question.  Even SIL who is their Grandmother, isn't thrilled with them.  Also, relations between MIL and SIL could, in terms of international diplomacy, be said to be 'correct'. 

However, all this agita can be handled with a simple, 'We're sorry but that won't be possible'.



--- Quote from: JennJenn68 on August 23, 2012, 08:06:54 PM ---Thipu1, I didn't know that you and I had the same family.  This sounds exactly like me when I was faced with the prospect of a week-long "vacation" at a resort with the whole family plus my two nephews, one of whom should be named "Damien".  My excuse became fairly creative--"Whoops, sorry, no can do--I've got to look after the kittens so that Mehitabel (my older and Orson-Welles-like cat) doesn't eat all of their food and promptly explode!"--but oddly enough it was true.  Besides, I had to look after everyone else's houses (and cats) as well. 

Yup.  That's my story, and I'm sticking with it!

As I'm wont to say, I'd rather romance a goat than spend more than a minimum amount of time with SS nephew.  (I've posted about him before, on the Special Snowflake thread.)  Only I use another word in general to replace "romance"...

Congratulations on standing up for your sanity!

--- End quote ---

Totally OT, but I looooooove that your cat is named Mehitabel!

(now thinking about a new name on eHell, and perhaps other sites where I use this nick)

Go you!! Anytime anyone uses this phrase, I always imagine the person they're speaking to helplessly flailing their arms around, trying to fight with a mist. Makes me smile.  8)


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