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--- Quote from: Onlyme on August 26, 2012, 10:45:32 PM ---Hi jenjay

Yes per original post this to is a social group but there are lots of things going on. There are scheduled events throughout the month from walking to going out to coffee night or pub night.

The organizer of the group know how we feel and was upset that we should say facts about the person in question. She thinks he is so just a private person and normally the group organizer is pretty sharp.

I am just going to ignore him now.


--- End quote ---

Hi! That's what I thought but I was hoping I'd misread and there was more than socializing to the group. It just makes no sense why someone would join a social group and refuse to be social. My brain can't grasp it.  :P

Agreeing with all the posters who said he was creepy. There is something wrong with this guy. Avoid and ignore. Personally, not only would I not ask him any questions, I wouldn't answer them either. I'd just pretend not to see or hear him and move away as fast as I could.

HI All, OP Here.

**Cami, I had mentioned in one of the posts that this person seems to like the negative attention. But yes you've nailed it on the head with your explanation. (Made it clearer).

**JenyJay, yes it would have been great had this post been mis written because we do wish his behaviour was a figment of his imagination.

As for the organizer of the group, although she's normally pretty sharp and has asked people not to come back (like the guy who asked me for a 3some with my friend...yes a whole other story) the group organizer will still give him the benefit of the doubt for a bit more. No one has mentioned that he's creepy just annoying.

OK seriously now do you know how hard it is not to put I down, meaning me. Becasue I referred to this guy as I in the beginning post. CRUD MONKEYS!, Last time I gets used an initial to represent a person in my posts.



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