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Beaning dipping King or just rude?

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I can come up with explanations for most of the behavior, but in combination he sounds pretty distrubing.

He may be ashamed of his job and possibly had bad experiences with people judging him based on his work.
He may not even own a bike and said he does to seem cool. So he doesn't have any actual facts about said bike.
He may have had a bad experience with people commenting on his food choices as either unhealthy or fattening or somehow wrong.

I got nothing on the different names to different groups of people though. I would stay away from this guy if I were you.

Next time I saw him, I'd call him "YoSaffBridge."

LOL OP here.

So you guys are giving me answers that I already suspected.

**Reason, i already suspected something like this and would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, if he would even answer an direct question.

Personally I think he likes this kind of attention, since last night he said something about a stripper and when I didn't catch the first part of it I asked are you a stripper. He just changed the subject.

I personally am getting the impression he likes this kind of negative attention, and feel that its really too bad. I will be continue to call him what someone else told me his name and just ignore for future.


 :D Humorous note to everybody:

In the future, never, ever, ever give somebody you wish to discuss the initial "I".

"I came up in conversation..." What! They were talking about you in front of your face?  ???

"I can come up with explanations..." He can? Oh, wait a minute, that's not the OP talking...  ???

 ;D 8)

I find this really interesting because I am currently teaching a student that thrives on negative attention to an almost unbelievable degree. It is quite common for students to muck up as an attention seeking ploy but this goes way, way beyond that and includes her peers as well as teachers. I have honestly wondered at times whether this girl is capable of normal peer interactions, yet she has been tested for all kinds of behavioural/learning issues and nothing comes up.

I'm wondering if this guy is the same. He may have developed to the point where he just doesn't know how to interact normally. I would simply avoid him. I think you are fine to say "Hi" and then simply leave. If he is anything like my student then it is probably uncomfortable being around him.


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