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Portland Maine, in October

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Any tips?  Must see places?  Any festivals?

DF and I are getting married and plan to spend the week afterward in Portland as a "mini-moon" (we have a bigger trip planned for the spring, but want to relax immediately after the wedding).  We have a hotel already in Portland, about 2 miles from Old Port, and a list of the 5 top lobster roll places in the area (the article says they couldn't name just 1 as there are opposing views on things like butter vs mayo, seasoned vs bare, lettuce or unadorned) but other then that we're winging it.

Bar Harbor is beautiful, and I think there is a fair (maybe in Freeport?) sometime in October. I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment, but I will see if I can find the particulars for you. Really, anywhere on the coast is just gorgeous. Acadia National Park is great.

And best wishes to you and your fiance!

ETA: I just checked. It's the Fryeburg Fair, and this year it's Sept 30 through Oct 7. As for lobster, according to my family in Maine (I was raised in central Maine) right now lobster is cheaper than beef by the pound right now.

Thanks!  But we aren't going anywhere near Bar Harbor or Arcadia - way too long a drive (that's an extra 3 hours - its already 5-6 hours to Portland from NYC where we are starting, we don't want to spend the whole trip sitting in a car).  We figure there's got to be plenty to do within an hour or so drive of Portland itself.  I know there are several walking & hiking trails, and the Old Port & seaport area and museums, etc I'm just not sure where to start in planning what to see.

(Actually one of my big problems is planning is as soon as either he or I say "Maine" everyone jumps on Arcadia as the place to see... poor Portland!)

Oops! Another niece lives in Portland, so I'll pick her brain for some good places to go. I haven't lived in Maine for 22 years, and sometimes I forget just how far it is from place to place.

If you like beer, check out Gritty McDuff's Brewpub on Fore Street in downtown Portland.


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