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Warning: NSFW. It's; it doesn't shy away from profanity. But if you don't mind that, it might make you smile. :)

And that last random photo? The happy dog in the street? I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  ;D

That was awesome, thanks for posting.  Some of those stories made me tear up, but many cracked (no pun intended!) me up!

Softly Spoken:
I spend waaay too much time on their site, and I loved the above article.  ;D

I LOVE Cracked and read this several times before even posting it on Facebook. :)

This really *did* restore my faith in humanity. And if you want to see something really heartwarming, "Like" John and Scoep on Facebook. The man whose dog saved him from severe depression is now the recipient of laser treatments because of the story of their swims becoming viral and folks donating money to help out with the costs. Schoep's arthritis is getting better with this treatment and he is a celebrity. :)

The stories are great and heartwarming, but the little video of the puppy just cracked me up. How insanely cute is that??? ;D


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