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Stories to restore your faith in humanity

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Thanks for posting the link.  I loved reading the stories.  But I wanted to reach through the screen to help the puppy trying to rollover. 

Oh, wow, do I ever have egg on my face! I did read this piece a long time ago and loved it!

But I saw the title and thought of a completely different article. So sorry if my post confused anyone! Here is the link:

Not to threadjack--I didn't want to delete my post without an apology and clarification! :)

I really have to pay attention when I'm reading the list of threads. While obviously skimming, I read "stories to restore your faith in laundry." Who needs faith in laundry? :)

I wanted to share a great story I read on a news site today. Essentially, it's about a little boy who got to meet the man whose daughter gave the toddler her heart (organ donation). Warning: you may need a tissue.


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