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What are you watching on TV?

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Harry Enfield and Chums. Very funny UK sketch show. It's great!!

What are you watching?

Right now, I'm getting tuned in to watch 'The Last King of Scotland'. 

I'll also be tuning back and forth between that and the ******* National Convention.

We were just watching Mike Rowe in Dirty Jobs: Australia.  He was catching brown snakes & cane toads.

I, too, would be up on the kitchen island if there was a 4 foot long brown snake in my pantry!!!  Snakes normally don't bother me much, but one THAT poisonous IN  THE HOUSE!!! Yipes! 

(I wonder if tack strips  in the doorway would help keep the creepy crawlies out?)

Julia Mercer:
DH and I are watching Auction Hunters on Spike, I am hooked on these auction shows, like this, Storage Wars, etc


Right now? The Paralympic opening ceremony.


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