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Etiquette Silliness

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Have you ever encountered an action that someone considers correct behavior but you consider just, plain silly?

A few years ago, there were young people in the Education Department of the museum who maintained that the proper way to eat cookies was with a knife and fork.

I contend that if you try that, you'll end up eating your cookies with a spoon because all you'll have to eat will be crumbs. 

Anyone know of other examples of etiquette silliness? 

Mom always said it's rude to be barefoot if her feet are cold!


Alternately: "Looking at your goosebumps is making me cold! Put a sweater on!"

Being fussed at for calling a man "sir" or a woman "ma'am."  What do they expect the rest of the world to call them if their names aren't known?  And I'm sure a lot of them would get equally offended if addressed as "Hey, you!"

I remember this exchange with a friend's mom at a brunch for her DD's shower.

Hostess offer's bride's mom a glass of sangria which she accepts.  I knew the mom didn't drink alcohol. 

Me quietly to bride's mom: You are aware that has wine?
Bride's mom:  Yes, but she offered and I couldn't say no.
Me:  Why?
Bride's mom:  Because she offered and you can't turn down something that is offered at a party.
Me:  She would be fine with getting you something else.  She has tons of sparkling water, juice and coffee.
Bride's mom:  But she offered Sangria so that's what I have to accept.
Me:  So what are you going to do with it?
Bride' mom:  I'll just hold it, I'll be fine without drinking anything.
Me:  Just set it down in the kitchen.
Bride's mom:  No, that would be rude to waste it like that and what if she saw me.
Me:  (Sigh)  You want me to drink it so you can get something else?
Bride's mom:  Would you mind? 

Me thinking no, not at all, I'll be glad to down a full glass of sangria on an empty stomache at 11am.  I did have a great time at the shower and a really wonderful nap that afternoon.

Not clearing a plate and not taking the last serving of something for the sake of etiquette is nuts to me.

It really bugs me at a buffet, especially if I am the hostess, to see all those plates come back with food I worked hard to prepare being thrown out, unless of course the diner just didn't like it, which I understand.

Sorry. It's not funny, but I do think it's silly. Well, I did laugh the first time I heard it.


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