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Etiquette Silliness

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Diane AKA Traska:

--- Quote from: blueyzca01 on March 26, 2013, 01:13:18 PM ---One of the stories on the main site has the following example:

The woman was telling a story about her weird date, and she wrote, "Being a lady of etiquette, I offered to pay for my meal."

I don't know where she got that, but I still think that it's one of the dumbest things I've ever read.  One has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the other.

--- End quote ---

If etiquette DID have a position, it would actually more likely trend toward the man paying, since that's somewhat traditional.


--- Quote from: jmarvellous on August 30, 2012, 12:39:06 PM ---Mom always said it's rude to be barefoot if her feet are cold!


Alternately: "Looking at your goosebumps is making me cold! Put a sweater on!"

--- End quote ---

Are you my long-lost sister? Because I remember the exact same thing!

I am paranoid about bad breath, esp since a former BF used to tell me mine was horrendus all the time.  So I always have mints or gum. And if I take one out for myself, I always offer to anyone around me, but have been asked more than once "why, is my breath bad?" Um, no, I just didnt' want to be rude!


--- Quote from: Thipu1 on September 04, 2012, 08:12:15 PM ---Another thread reminded me of greeting card etiquette that verged on the absurd.

There was a sept of the family that was very, very touchy about the imagery on Birthday cards.

If you sent a card with an image of puppies that meant you thought the recipient was a dog.

If you send a card with a kitten, that meant you thought the recipient was sly.

The deity forbid that you thought a card with an image of a skunk smelling a rose was cute.   

For that part of the family, the only safe image was one of flowers.  Even then, that didn't always work.  Not being completely versed in the language of flowers, I was a bit nonplussed when a cousin remarked that my card with an image of yellow roses wasn't appropriate.

--- End quote ---

Oh dear, I didn't realise you were related to my DH...

His brother got married in January (many years ago), and this naturally made it a little trickier to get flowers for the corsages than it would have been for a June wedding. When MIL told him she would be wearing purple, the only thing the florist could find to go with it was a very striking arrangement featuring a large purple thistle.

This did not go down well. Apparently, if you give someone a thistle to wear at a wedding, you are saying that they are a terrible, awful person who probably kicks puppies, and that you hate the very sight of them and wish that they would get hit by a meteorite.

Poor BIL. The sniffs and tutting from MIL and her other relatives were audible all through the wedding... (Added to that, the bride had the audacity to wear a very dark green dress, and when she entered the church there were shocked exclamations of 'She's wearing black!')

That's like giving someone some nice soap and being asked if you're giving it because they smell. No, you don't smell, it's nice soap, just enjoy it. Stop being a idiot.

Ther is a story about the late Princess Grace of Monaco. She and Prince Rainier gave their staff a Christmas stocking each year. The Princess had found some novelty soaps shaped like animals, and put them in the  stockings. One girl burst into tears on opening hers, as she was convinced that their Serene Hgihnesses were commenting on her personal hygiene


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